FGI Research Payments


I am kinda late on posting these payment proofs for FGI Research, but better late than never. The payments are for $1.00 and the other one is for $0.50, the surveys I completed for the compensation weren't hard or that long at all. FGI Research usually sends me about 1-2 surveys per month, most of them are for surveys that pay $1.00 for participation. Since they aren't as well known as other survey/research sites their incentives are lower but they do pay through PayPal so that is a plus.

Here are a couple facts about FGI Research:

  • Provides online sample, custom panels, turnkey data collection, and custom research solutions.
  • For over 20 years, FGI has earned the trust of Fortune 100 companies and leading market research providers.
  • FGI is deeply committed to research quality and client services...backed by our dedicated Quality Control Program and continuous client satisfaction measurement.
  • FGI's online panel (850,000 panelists) and telephone center (80 seats) are highly respected throughout the research industry.


elpaso95 said...

Hello Sweet-Trix:
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