Survey Savvy Payment


When I checked the mailbox the other day I found that I received my check from Survey Savvy, I requested it about 4 weeks ago. Truthfully I totally forgot that I even requested it so when I saw it I was kinda surprised, not only because I forgot about it but also because when other survey sites send checks out it takes up to 8 weeks to receive the check. It's a nice feeling to know that Survey Savvy sends the checks out when they say they are and you receive them within the time they state as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to join a survey site that pays - and pays when they say they are! They are an International survey site so anyone can join. As you can see from my payment proof I got $5.00, not much but it adds up in the bank account, just last month from surveys alone I made around $65.00 - •☼• Yay me! •☼•