Heads Up! Donow Research Study - $100

Donow Research sent out an email this morning for an Online and Telephone Focus Group, there will be a unique link to the pre-screener which will list your info at the top in case you need to update it before taking the pre-screener, this is why I am not including a link. This is just a heads up if you are a member of Donow Research and are a young person you may qualify, so check you email! They are offering $100 to each person who qualifies and participates.

Good Luck!

We are currently working on the following 2-hour ONLINE and TELEPHONE focus group for YOUNG PEOPLE. It will be held on Monday, October 27, at 4pm EST (3pm CST, 1pm PST). All who are interested must fill out the following pre-qualifying questions. We will call you if you fit the demographics of this particular online/phone focus group.

All who participate in this study will receive $100.

The session will be held on the following date:
10/27/2008 Mon 04:00 PM for 2 hours (Session #1)

Thanks for your interest. If your answers prequalify, you will receive a follow-up call to go over a few more qualifying questions.