Opinion Outpost Notice


When I logged into my members area at Opinion Outpost today I saw a notice posted. It seems they are implementing a new payment system so checks will be processed more efficiently. So instead of waiting 6 to 8 weeks maybe you will only have to wait 4-6 weeks? Thats still a while to wait but at least it wouldn't be as long as before. Of course I am just speculating on what the new time period for payment processing will be. I'm sure when they have finished implementing it they will add it to their Faq's and Terms of Service. Here is what the notice stated:

Notice: Opinion Outpost is implementing a way to make sure your checks get processed more efficiently. Currently we ask you to allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing and delivery. In the meantime, you may experience a longer delay. Please bear with us while we get things back on track to meet your usual expectations.

If you are a member of Opinion Outpost but haven't received any survey invitations it may be because your email is bouncing them or they are going int your spam account. To avoid missing a survey opportunity please be sure to add myopinioncounts@opinionoutpost.com to your address book or "whitelist". If the problem persist I recommend contacting your email service providers’ tech support and ask them if they could or tell you how you can make sure you get email from myopinioncounts@opinionoutpost.com (opinionoutpost.com).