Harris Poll Online News Flash!

Harris Poll Online created a better way to keep your profile information updated without having to sign in! The easier it is to update your information the more surveys you have a chance to participate in meaning more points for you to earn. I know its hard to keep your profiles up-to-date with the latest changes in your household, the main reason being you have to login and put in your password...... I don't know how many times I have forgotten my passwords. You try to use words or number-word passwords that will be easy to remember but wometimes the site doesn't want to take that great password you came up with so you have to improvise, like adding a couple more letters or adding a number. Then what happens? You forget your improvsed password becuase you remeber the inital password you were going to use. It's usually quite simple to retrieve your forgotten password but can be annoying when your in a rush! If you are a member of Harris Poll Online you should have gotten this email containing the link to your profiles, if you don't receive it in a couple days and it hasn't gotten caught in your spam folder you may want to contact them.

Here is the email they sent out:

Need some exciting news today? We've got it!

We'd like to get to know you better because, the more we know, the more opportunities we can give you to voice your opinions about products and services you use! And, as you know, the more often you express your views in our surveys, the more opportunities you have to participate in our various reward programs.

We have created a new way to make it even easier for you to keep us updated about your life! There is no need to log in, or remember any passwords. Simply click the link below and let us take you to our new "Getting to Know You" page.

"Link Inserted Here"

Take as many of these surveys as you like, whenever you wish! For each survey you complete, you will receive an entry into our $10,000 HIstakes sweepstakes.

Plus, for a limited time, if you complete 4 of these surveys, you will be granted access to the renowned Harris Poll Online Newsletter. This newsletter contains results from recent surveys we have conducted around the world.

We encourage you to save your invitation so you can come back as often as you like! New surveys will be added regularly, so don't forget to check back! As usual, look for other survey opportunities in your inbox. We will continue to personally invite you to surveys of your interest via direct e-mail.

To participate, please proceed to:
"Link Inserted Here"