MySurvey's New Look


MySurvey has updated the look of their website, a blog has also been added to update it's member with info. If you are a member you can login and view the blog here Here are some screenshots of the new look:

We left the basics of the same but updated the look. We hope you like the new and improved site! Take a look around and let us know what you think. Send your comments and feedback to

I personally like the new look, it seems more organized and fresh looking. The old template looked okay, but was kind of dull and outdated. It seems a lot of survey sites are freshening up their website lately which is always a good thing. I think if I were not a member and stumbled upon the new look of MySurvey I would be more intrigued to join not only because of the look itself but what the look tells me about the website. Since the site looks updated and innovative, it gives me the assumption that they will most likely have active surveys and good customer service. I'm sure they didn't just update the look for themselves, they updated to make it easier for their members to find things and give them an overall appealing site to look at. This is a good strategy since the survey industry seems to be growing faster compared to 10 years ago, more people are seeking opportunity online to share their opinion.