MindField Online Payment & $1000 Give Away

Sorry for not posting anything new in a week, I had a very busy and tiring week and didn't have much time to be online.

I had requested a check from Mindfield Online for $27.00 and received it with 10 days. I am very surprise on how fast the check arrived, I requested it on February 2nd, the check was prepared on the 11th and I received it on the 13th. Kudos to Mindfield for fast payment, usually it takes 4 weeks or more for most survey panels to process and send checks out. This is my first payment from Mindfield and I am glad to say they are a paying survey panel. Payment proof below.
Before they redesigned their website I did not get very many invites to participate in their surveys, I would get maybe one a month and didn't qualify for most of them. I did, however, forget to complete all my profile surveys for Mindfield so this may have also effected the number of invites. Just goes to show you should complete all profile surveys to insure you get all the survey invites you should be getting.

Since we are on the subject of updating profiles, if you update all your profiles you will be entered into a $1000 Stimulus Giveaway. For every profile that you update you will receive one entry into the sweepstakes, there are 15 profiles so you will have 15 entries to win the $1000. When you log into your Mindfield Online account, in the "Member Home" section there will be a link that says "Wanna win $1000? Click here!!!". You will be taken to a page that explains the Stimulus Giveaway, below is what that page states for those of you that don't feel like logging in. ;)

MindField Online will be giving away $1000 on June 1, 2009. Your opportunity to win is easy, simply fill out or update your information on all of the targeted member questionnaires. Everyone you complete or update will be worth one entry into the drawing and put you that much closer to the $1000 grand prize! Remember, the more information you provide, the more paid survey opportunities you will have. It will also limit the number of extraneous invitations you receive as we will have better targeting information for you. The surveys are short and easy so fill them out today. $1000 could be on its way to you this June 1st.