Viewpoint Forum Payment

I received another payment from Viewpoint Forum, like always it was within 10-14 business days! This time I cashed out my points in the amount of $12.53, I have added this amount in the "Survey Site Earnings" section on the right sidebar. Viewpoint Forum is one of my personal favorites just for the fact that you are fairly compensated for taking their surveys and payment is always on time. Their surveys are enjoyable and are not repetitive like other sites. Below is my payment proof:

Unlike other survey sites Viewpoint Forum does not allow you to join via their website, you have to ask a member of Viewpoint Forum for an invitation to join the panel. You may be able to find members through online forums, you can Google "Viewpoint Forum Invite" or you can send me a message via email for an invitation. Another good source is Lacie's Blog, she also sends Viewpoint invites upon request.