Greenfield Online Changes Up Survey Invites

Over the past couple months Greenfield Online has been changing up the look of the survey invitations send via email. The survey invite that they usually send is pretty basic, their are some graphics but nothing too stunning. Then at the end of March they started sending invites with quotes, facts and recipes below the information about the survey. Today I just noticed they are now sending out another different looking email. Not sure what they are trying to do, maybe get opinions from members on which one they prefer? Even so, it doesn't change the fact that they don't have many well paying surveys lately - no matter how cool looking or informational the survey invite is. If you don't know what these survey invitations look like, here are a couple pictures to give you an idea:

If I had to choose my favorite based on design I would say the last one is nice, its straight to the point and easy to read. The first one is kinda boring and outdated, second one is okay but is kinda bulky and makes you scroll more. What do you think about Greenfield changing their survey invitation templates?