Nieto Research Training Pant Study

Nieto Research is now looking for participants for their training pant product test. I am glad to saw they called me yesterday and I qualified for the study. They will be sending me two packages of training pants for my son to test. If you have a son or daughter that is in the potty training stage this study would be great, you get free training poants for sharing your opinion! To see if you qualify for the study you can email them at: nietoresearchinc@aol(dot)com - In the email you should include the following: phone number, best time to reach you, your child's age and weight, and brand of training pants you buy most often.

Good Luck!

Nieto Research has another training pant study. If you missed our email last month, we are recruiting once again for size 3T/4T training pants. If your child does not qualify for this study, but you know of someone that does wear large training pants, please share our name and email address. It is a great opportunity to receive free training pants just for sharing your opinions on their performance.

Details are the same as the last month training pant study: We are currently seeking children in a specific weight range wearing size 3T/4T training pants. For this particular study, you will be sent two bags of training pants, (different brands). You will be required to record each usage, which usually takes less than 10 seconds per change. At the end of each bag, there is a short questionnaire for you to fill out, it will take less than 10 minutes to complete. At the end of the two week study you return your forms in the self addressed, stamped envelope. It's that easy! Because these tests fill quickly, we ask that you reply to this email immediately, please include your phone number, best time to reach you, your child's age and weight, and brand of training pants you buy most often. If you meet our needs, we will contact you within a few days. If we do not contact you, it is because either your child's weight does not meet our needs, or the study has been filled. At any rate, we will keep your information on file and contact you for the next study.

Be expecting additional emails with the next few weeks regarding baby diaper and baby wipe studies.

Thanks for being part of the Nieto Consumer Panel,
Nieto Research, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia