Toluna Replaces Your2Cents

I was visiting another blog today and stumbled upon a posting stating that Your2Cents has been replaced by Toluna. I was aware that Toluna gained ownership of Your2Cents but I didn't know that they were just going to merge with their site too. It seems like they still have the new points system in place (30,000 points = $10 Cash), this being the case I hope their surveys improve as well.

I honestly really like the "new" members area, its more sleek looking and well organized. They show you the past payments you have received, all the surveys you have taken as well as the points earned for each survey. I think merging Your2Cents with Toluna seems like a good idea, at least the website is more visually appealing then the original Your2Cents. Of course I haven't taken any surveys yet or used the new website extensively.

What do you think about this switch/merge?

Read the article below for more info/opinons about this change!

Toluna Replaces Your2Cents

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