Fisher Price Mom's Know Panel


Fisher Price has a survey panel for mothers to share their opinions - Fisher Price Mom's Know. Fom my knowledge this is a newer survey panel, but I could possibly be wrong about that. Yesterday I joined the panel but no surveys as of yet.

The sign up process took about 10 minutes, it asks you demographic questions as well as general ones having to do with your family, children, parenting techniques, etc. Although you can sign up for the panel they seem to be restricting it to certain groups. If you fit a particular group and their quota for that group is full you will not be able to join. Spaces may fill up fast so I would suggest registering as soon as possible.

Hi Mom! We're excited to have you join this community of real-life experts. Please tell us what you think, what you know, what you want, and what we can do to help! Your opinions and ideas help us keep pace with the needs and interests of today's growing families, so we can make our products even better and enrich childhood as your kids play, laugh and grow! So please tell us: what do you think?