HCD Surveys Scam Alert

As I visited HCD Surveys website I immediately noticed the yellow bulletin on the front of the homepage. There has inevitably been fake checks circulating claiming the are from HCD Surveys. Please read the following message for more info:

HCD Research, Inc. (HCD) has been made aware that an unidentified third party has been mailing out false checks with offers requesting participation in surveys, secret shopper, mystery shopper, or investigative shopper opportunities that require you to submit personal information in order to win a cash prize. These checks and requests are not real and are not from HCD. For your own protection, do NOT give away any personal information as it relates to this fraud.

We take matters such as this very seriously and are investigating the situation. If you are a recipient of this information, please contact us online or fax the letter to us at 908-788-7179. For more information, please click here.