American Consumer Opinion Panel - My Eighth Payment!

I received another payment from American Consumer Opinion Panel this past week. When taking their surveys you are fairly compensated either by points, cash, gifts and even product tests (my favorite!). Although their way of recording incentives is now by points instead of by dollars. Don't worry, points convert equally to cash amounts, 100 points is equal to $1 and when you get 1,000 points ($10) you can cash out via check.

One thing I really like about American Consumer Opinion Panel is that they are international. I have had so many people outside the US and Canada tell me they have such a hard time finding international survey sites. I immediately recommend American Consumer Opinion Panel, not only because they are international but becuase there are so many great aspects of the company. They are BBB certified with an A+ grade - yes an A+, that's amazing! Compensation for surveys/studies/product tests are fair, along with points conversion being great. I have noticed when some survey sites convert to a points system the amount per point decreases compared to the time it takes to participate in a survey. Another thing that makes then a good survey panel is that their members are happy.

Overall I think American Consumer Opinion Panel is one of the top 10 survey panels out there. If you want to see more payment proofs or want to browse through the posts about them head over here!