Survey Savvy - Increase in Surveys


Over the past few months I have noticed quite an increase in surveys from Survey Savvy. Not only that but the compensation for surveys has gotten slightly better as well. Some survey sites give you $0.75-$1 for a 20-30 minute survey. I received a couple from Survey Savvy that were 15-20 and compensated you with  $1-$3.

Also have yo checked out the new look of their website? They went from a plain white background to a steel blue background, also navigation of the site is more user friendly too! I really like the new look and design of the website. The Members section has also improved, everything is in on spot to check or change your address, profiles, earnings and more.

If you haven't joined Survey Savvy I recommend at least giving it a try. If your skeptical if they pay check out my payment proof from them. They are legit and a great survey site to become a member of to share your opinions!

If you are a member what are your thoughts about Survey Savvy? Have you seen an increase or are your survey invitations staying about the same or even decreasing? I'd love to hear others opinions about them and their experiences!