Profiles & Screeners - What You Should Know


 (Picture from Survey Savvy)

It is common to here someone say "It seems like I hardly ever receive surveys". I know when I started signing up for a bunch of survey sites I didn't bother going through and doing all the profiles for every survey site. The result, hardly any surveys to participate in. If you aren't getting many surveys it may be that you haven't completed these profiles, which are crucial to receive surveys. If they don't have idea about your lifestyle then how do they know what surveys may be of interest to you?

Screeners, what are they? Screeners are short surveys, usually less than 5 minutes long. These help them understand what activities you are interested in, what foods you like to eat or what brands you use, etc. Screeners are send you are for a reason - to increase your eligibility for surveys or studies. If they know what activities you enjoy from a sceener the more likely they will send you a survey when market research is being done on that particular subject.

You are probably thinking profiles and screeners sure do sound like the same thing. You are partially right, they are similar. However, the reason why you receive these is becuase your profile stated you were interested in that subject. For example: Your profile said you were interested in sports, there is a new survey coming up on sports, sometimes a particular sport. They then send you a screener to see if the sport they are conducting research about is one of your favorites. This helps them target a specific group of people to get the most accurate results possible.